About Me

31 Maggio 2013

I’m a phD in Computer Science, a UX researcher and an expert of Human Computer Interaction, Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication. Now I am a research fellow at Link Campus University, working as the coordinator of the Innovation Design team. I am also teacher of Interaction Design and Open Source Electronics.

I’m the cofounder of Madsign, a company that has it main focus on the design and the creation of connected products and new user experience based on novel interaction paradigms and technologies.

I took part to several funded projects (EU, regional, national) as project manager, team leader and UX designer/researcher. My strengths are to understand users’ need and turn them into real projects, talking with clients, customers and stakeholders. I use my technical skills to find the right solution to client business. I’m a team leader an I often use co-design techniques to involve clients and users in the design of the solution.

Skill Set

  • IxD/UX  : User Needs & Requirements, Persona Development, Scenario Development, Task Flow Analysis, Story Boarding, Wireframes, Prototyping (high & low fidelity), Agile/Scrum development, Visual Design, Competitive Analysis, Style Guide Development, etc.)
  • Usability : Experiment Design, Contextual Inquiry, Ethnographic Study, Surveys, Questionnaires, Heuristic Evaluation, Individual Interviews, Statistical Analysis, Formal Usability Testing, Eyetracking, etc.)
  • Digital Fabrication : 3D printing, laser cutting, large CNC and I make my own machines.
  • Design & Code : Balsamiq, Axure, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash,  Visio, AJAX, Java Script, PHP, ASP, SQL, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic, WPF etc.
  • Electronics: Arduino, RaspberryPi, IoT platforms etc
  • Teaching : I teach in academic courses and in workshops. I use a wide range of codesign techniques to animate my classes.
  • Project Management: pm tools (planning, scheduling, monitoring), interpersonal and leadership skills, organizational skills


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Latest Speech

  • May-2017 ESAD Porto, Portogallo
  • Apr-2017 KDU University, Kuala Lumpur, Malesia – http://university.kdu.edu.my/news-events/kdu-premieres-graduation-showcase-exhibition-pioneer-masters-design-innovation-graduates
  • Mar-2017 IXDA Roma
  • May-2016 – Accenture Digital Hackathon
  • May-2016 – Media Art Festival – Workshop “designing the Internet of Things”
  • Oct-2015 – Maker Faire Rome 2015: Designing the Internet of things (slides)
  • Oct-2015 – Education and Media – Bulgaria on-Air – Sofia : From watching to making: the democratization of knowledge and invention (slides slides)
  • Sept-2015 – Riscarti Festival – Rome: Recycling tree and other smart objects
  • Jun-2015 – Social Media Week Rome – Chairman and Keynote of the panel : Social Media and Social Innovation (schedule)