ATM Redesign


With the Lua IxD and Usability team we have investigated ATM usability and UX (heuristic evaluation and tests) and redesigned the interface introducing profile based functions to improve UX. Inthe current phase we are testing effectiveness of advertising (and profile based advertising) on bank’s ATM.

The results of this analysis were presented at CHI  Italy conference 2011 and published in this paper:

Camilli M., Dibitonto M., Vona A., Medaglia C. M., Di Nocera F.
User-centered design approach for interactive kiosks: evaluation and redesign of an automatic teller machine, Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGCHI Italian Chapter International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction: Facing Complexity, ACM, Conference Proceedings 2011.

Banca1 Banca2



This is an interactive demo of a concept for an ATM. It supposes that your name is Marco and that you usually withdraw 50€.