Interactive exhibit “The Marco Polo Heritage”


Marco Polo’s last will and testament is a precious historical document not only because it is the only object left to witness to the existence of the Great Venetian, but also because it allows to discover new details of his life and his travels. Among the various legacies of the wills are the assets left to the three daughters Fantina, Belella and Moreta and it is precisely on the nature and provenance of these assets that the work of historians was concentrated on reconstructing the geographical and cultural links with the journeys made by Marco Polo in the East. The interactive installation, created by Link Campus University in collaboration with Scrinivm, starts from the testament to create an interactive and immersive experience that allows the visitor to discover Marco Polo and his travels through the objects left to his daughters. The installation was presented at the Venice Casino during the opening event of the Europe-China tourism year.