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#PinkHack, la maratona di programmazione organizzata da BIC Lazio che si rivolge a donne sviluppatrici hardware e software appassionate di programmazione e di nuove tecnologie nel campo dell’ICT, delle mobile … Continue reading#PinkHack

PastaCode – Famo Cose

I contributed to the Maker Faire project of the FamoCose makerspace. The project is a machine printing a “secret” message on a fettuccine pasta. I developed the electronics and the code.

Finestra sul Lazio

Proiezione interattiva che permette all’utente di esplorare alcuni dei panorami del Lazio. L’immagine si muove seguendo il corpo dell’utente dando una sensazione immersiva e giocosa.

ATM Redesign

With the Lua IxD and Usability team we have investigated ATM usability and UX (heuristic evaluation and tests) and redesigned the interface introducing profile based functions to improve UX. Inthe … Continue readingATM Redesign

Smart Table

With the Lua IxD team we are developing an interactive rearprojected table that uses images processing to recognize touches and objects.  Several application have been developed: – a table to … Continue readingSmart Table

Public Kiosk

Design of the Atac* information kiosk installed in Piazzale del Verano, Rome Italy *Atac, Rome local transport company, is one of the largest European local transport company in terms of … Continue readingPublic Kiosk

A touch of Rome

A multitouch + RFID application for a serendipitous discovery of Rome. With a cube, equipped with RFID tags, users can randomly select a category of placemarks (culture, cinema, parks, user’s … Continue readingA touch of Rome

DAB+ Radio

This project is aimed to investigates new scenarios enabled by digital radio broadcasting technology (DAB+, DMB). The main point of this project are: – exploiting the possibilities of DAB technologies … Continue readingDAB+ Radio

Window of Wonders

A multitouch + RFID window for on-street-stores. It allows users to browse the catalogue, buy things, receive special/targeted offers, bookmark products and book premium services via an eye catching interface. … Continue readingWindow of Wonders