about me

I’m a phD in Computer Science, a UX researcher and an expert of Human Computer Interaction, Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication. Now I am a research fellow at Link Campus University, working as the coordinator of the User Experience research team and as the Fab Manager of the internal FabLab. I am also teacher of Interaction Design and Open Source Electronics and I collaborate with important companies and universities in Italy and in Europe. I’m the cofounder of Madsign, a company that has it main focus on the design and the creation of Smart Objects and new user experience based on novel interaction paradigms and technologies.

UX Design

Designing both the physical and digital experience of the user

Internet of Things

Designing and prototyping connected objects for the Internet of Things.

Digital Fabrication

Expert of digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing, laseer cutting, milling, electronic production. Fabacademy diploma in 2015.


I teach Interaction Design , User Experience Design, Open Source Electronics in academic courses. I also facilitate workshop with co-design techniques.

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Videomapping per Link Campus University

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Illuminazione sostenibile @Maxxi

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Liter of Light Italia @ Maker Faire 2016

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Creative Project Canvas

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“Pigna” Luminosa – Poste Italiane

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PastaCode – Famo Cose

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Finestra sul Lazio

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Welcome Center Civitavecchia

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Palco interattivo

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